Google SEO is ruining the internet

If you’re anything like me, you use the google search box more than the URL box to navigate the internet. Heck, I even check my spelling of a word with it. Google really is amazing in many ways but if you think of its role on the internet, well its almost God!

Type in some random words and google decides what to show you based on some very complex algorithms. Most of the time it does a pretty good job however as people realize that google 0wnz the internet, they start to design the internet around google.

I’ve been investigating world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or in lay terms “how to make web pages show up higher on google search results” and came across this interesting article on the aforementioned issue:

“Any time Google tweaks its algorithms, it sends SEOs scurrying to figure out what’s going on. The latest tweaks are no exception, even though they don’t affect Google’s organic search results. If you have a pay-per-click campaign going, though, you’ll want to keep reading.” – read more here

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4 thoughts on “Google SEO is ruining the internet”

  1. It seems that Google is more like a dictator than like a God. While gods characteristically have little control over the direction of a man’s mind – hence the importance of faith, etc. – a dictator aims to influence the flow of information for the purpose of maintaining power.
    Also, I was wondering, what is your opinion on click fraud and the way it factors into advertisers’ faith in the value of online advertising?

  2. I feel like there are some pretty well established methods for detecting and otherwise limiting click fraud which have been implemented by search engines. Furthermore if SEO’s stay on top of things they can also track ip’s with high ad traffic and potentially not run ads to those machines. No doubt click fraud is an existing problem but

    I think the most concerning issue that SEO’s face is building page rank and aquireing organic (non-paid) clicks to their site.

  3. SEO is definitely sucking the life and freedom out of the internet. It’s not enough to simply make a website anymore. You have to pay $$$ to make sure it’s just the way google wants it. Pandering, keyword ridden, robot-friendly webpages, soaring to the top of the rankings. Originality, humanity, punished,

    Someone ought to create an antagonistic force, something to throw all the algorithms off, something to stave off the robots and preserve the randomness, unpredictability and humanity.

    It would be the opposite of Google. It would be welcome.

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