How to create a Dub style heavy rotation smart playlist in iTunes

Let’s face it, you know what songs you’re listening to a lot but what if you wanted a playlist that gave this information to you so you could say blog about which songs are on your own personal top 10 list. My goal was to create a playlist which will show me that songs I listened to the most in the last week that I’ve recently added to my collection. This isn’t really possible in iTunes smart playlists since the play count doesn’t actually store the dates of each time you listen.

That said, here’s a set of rules that gets pretty close:

1. Last Played – is in the last – 7 days
2. Date Added – is in the last – 1 months
3. Rating – is greater than – (no stars)

Then to get my top X songs I just order by rating.

I’m sure I could improve on this and would be interested to hear about your creative playlist ideas.